Sintex Exquisite Herbal Pillow (Cassia Seed)

Sintex Exquisite Herbal Pillow (Cassia Seed)

Soft and comfortable yet with fine workmanship.

  • Exquisite jacquard shell with high-density combed cotton to maximize soft and comfort
  • Inner filling of superfine fibre to give better breathability
  • Upper filling of natural cassia seed with sterilized treatment to give moisture-proof
  • Using double pat dual-purpose design,comply with neck vertebra of human body
  • Stereo technology and fine seam binding to give high-end and luxury

Size: 48cm x 74cm

Pillow: Superfine fibre with upper layer 100% cassia seeds

Cover: 100% Cotton

Storage method: Keep dry before storage. Placed in ventilated and dry place. Put in plastic bag to prevent moisture if not in use. Short time dry under the sun to remove moisture. 

Warning: Cassia seed belong to medicine herbal product and prolong contact with moisture may result possible moldy. Therefore, its important to keep the pillow dry and short time under the sun where necessary to remove moisture if any.

Care instruction: Do not wash, do not bleach, do not iron, hang dry and dry cleaning normal.

*Note: 1″ (inch) is approximately 2.54cm.

+Due different monitor or display types color tone, the actual product color may varies slightly especially for light colors products.

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